Dental Treatment in Hungary

Dental Treatment in Hungary

Why choose Hungary for your dental treatments?

Hungary is the first European country specialized in dental surgery.

One must admit that Hungary is in the leading edge of knowledge.
All dental treatments are available in Hungary.

Thus, in Hungary, you will benefit of quality, while saving both money and time.

All dental surgeons in private dental clinics are specialists which will take care of your needs with the best equipments!

For quality identical to west Europe, it is the low prices which are appealing to the foreign patients; in general you can divide the price by 3.

Your stay will rarely last longer than a week; during witch the treatments are performed.

Since may 2006, Hungary is an integral part of Europe, so reimbursement by social security and mutual insurance if needed, is done on the same basis as the one of your country of origin by your dental surgeon, that is, by showing the receipt of the Hungarian practitioner ( ask your social security and insurance in function of the treatment done). All medical treatments have a well defined price, and an established reimbursement sum no matter the price.

The dental treatments can be done all over Hungary, so why choose Budapest ?
During your stay, you will be able to divert your mind from the medical procedures in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. You will without a doubt fall under the charm of the Hungarian capital.


During the dental treatments, why chose an apartment over a hotel ?

Certainly there may be a few discomforts due to the dental treatments, thus, eating at the restaurant lunch and evening, May sometimes become a real problem!

It is also important to have a comfortable place to stay, and some room to get the all the rest you need.

Also, it is a lot less expensive to dispose of an equipped kitchen, where you can, calmly, cook yourself a meal once in a while.

All the flats proposed to you, have an equipped kitchen, but also as a washing machine, which allow you too bring less clothes without any problem.

Sheets and towels will be furnished.

During your stay, you can visit Budapest as you like, without thinking of the time.

At your arrival, we will answer all of your questions with pleasure, about the city, the location of the dental clinic taking care of you, small restaurants, stores, close to your place. We can also inform you on how to use the thermal spas, as well as any other question you may have!